Monday, March 13, 2017

Notebook Ramblings {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

Tonight on Instagram slicer Michelle Haseltine posted a picture of her 72nd notebook!  I find this amazing.  I've dabbled and if I made up my own definition for dabble it would say - short burst of activity, good intentions, hopeful thoughts, inconsistent execution.

I had ambitions of using a notebook this year while slicing daily.  Last year I faithfully did my collecting and drafts on paper first which really helped my publishing/blogging.  Instead of trying to write/revise/publish in one sitting I felt it gave me time to write and then I would revise some within the notebook and as I typed my post some revisions might happen.  I might write in my notebook earlier in the day and sometimes it was right before I typed but either way it always went in a notebook first.  I liked being able to look back and see my daily entries in my paper notebook as I contemplated slicing this year.  It really gave me the nudge to join again.  I even have a new notebook to use personally and one for school topics.  I carry them with me everywhere but I'm not using them very well.   Maybe just sharing my thinking here will bring those notebooks out more tomorrow or maybe tonight.  I have an idea for a future slice or post and if I don't write it down, I might forget.

When I went to link Michelle's blog above I read today's post - Am I a Writer?, I felt like she wrote it just for me today.  You must stop by and read it.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for organizing the Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. I'm honored that you shared my post here. Carrying a notebook is step one. Giving yourself permission to be messy is another important step. My notebook writing often makes it to the blog, but almost just as often, doesn't. It's for me. You can do it! :) I loved reading about your journey to notebook here!

  2. Wasn't Michelle's post wonderful. It makes us all think about what makes us writers.

  3. I'm a notebook wanna-be, don't know if I will ever make it to full-fledged notebook keeper. You give me hope that I can really do it. 😀