Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fullness by Choice {Celebrate This Week}

This week I'm celebrating fullness by choice.

I watched a bee this week busily working it's magic on a plant outside a doctor office.  I thought, it's moving quickly, buzzing about just like I do.   Then I realized, this bee is very focused on the task at hand.  This bee is choosing to stay on this one plant; it wasn't plant hopping.  This past week was a week of fullness but as I watched this bee, I realized the fullness was by my own choice and I really enjoy choice.

Fullness by choice looked like this - in the summer

three days of softball games to total six
a swim meet where we were a heat winner with two PR
hosting teenage friends
painted my bedroom on my own
read my first pd book
started another book I can't put down
three runs
knitting at softball
reading at swim meet
there was inspiration
there was organization 
ice cream

I hope you get the idea.  While the list is starting to look too full or a to do list.  It wasn't.  It was filled with joy, laughter, smiles, frustration, help, love, effort, patience, cheering, listening, and redirection. 

Thank you Ruth for encouraging us to stop and think about Celebrations.


  1. Inspiration, organization, and ice cream - now that's a week to celebrate! And I'm wondering about that book that you can't put down.

  2. Sounds like a peaceful, quiet and perfect week! Thanks for sharing Mandy :)

  3. "Fullness by Choice" seems like a great mantra! That's what summers are for!

  4. Oooh...your summer is of to a grand start, Mandy!

  5. I love this post Mandy. And your first sentence is such a beautiful start to your piece. I kept reading and rereading it. It would be a wonderful mentor sentence to share with young writers.

  6. It sounds very nice to me, Mandy. Sometimes "nice" is that because it's "different", right? Enjoy all your fun things!

  7. The list is not too much - there can never be too many reasons to love, smile, laugh, cheer, listen- never too much joy. You had a rich week and I hope the one that follows will be like this also.

  8. That's exactly what I like, Mandy. A list filled with joy and redirection. Here's to having a joyful summer!