Friday, July 21, 2017

Haiku #10 {Poetry Friday}

summer's natural fireworks
red orange yellow

I've been admiring some new coneflowers I planted near the end of summer last year.  They aren't the typical purple color I have planted in other areas of my gardens.  I made a list of words to play around with and did some research for synonyms for blossom and bloom.  I wanted a third word to go with those two but didn't really find one I liked.  Instead, I learned a new word and decided it was a great lead for this haiku; efflorescence - state or period of blossoming.

It's late and dark right now but I hope to take a picture and include it in the am.

Thank you Katie at Logonauts for hosting Poetry Friday this week. 


  1. Beautiful flowers! And I learned a new word, too. Isn't it great where writing poetry will lead?

  2. Your echinacea really do have the look of fireworks!
    "Efflorescence" is a gorgeous word.
    This would be nice with the words directly on the image (a haiga? Diane would know).

  3. Great word choice! And I love your cone flower colors -- I've never seen orange! I had some white ones, but they reverted back to purple.

  4. Beautiful echinacea. I learned a new word, too. Yay!

  5. They are almost florescent in their efflorescence!

  6. I love this poem and your cone flowers! I especially like the peachy orange coneflowers too! Efflorescence-wonderful, thanks.