Saturday, July 22, 2017

Softball Season {Celebrate This Week}

Today I'm celebrating softball season.

Softball season makes me sit.  Softball season makes me enjoy the sunshine.  Softball season lets me meet new friends.  Softball season gives me time to knit and read.  Softball gives me a reason to eat ice cream after a game.  It's easy to be content when softball is here, it's summer.  

Softball season ends today and while I enjoy the season, I'm a little tired.  I've been watching or talking softball since March 1st.  I've watched losses and wins.  I've watched at bats with hits and some with strikes.  I've watched two catchers in the spring and in the summer just one first-base gal.  I've watched stretches and balls caught.  I've seen frustration and tears.  I've heard grumbles to yelling to laughter and reasonableness.  I've watched leaders on the field and bottoms on the bench.

I've had a player turn umpire with younger girls and while she was earning money she kept her head in the game in a new way.  She's played since she was five and I'm happy she didn't completely walk away.  When you love something and enjoy it win or lose sticking with it is important.  

Last week I just couldn't wrap my head around a celebration.  I tried and I enjoyed Ruth's post about keep showing up for celebrations even when things are hard.  My week wasn't hard - it felt normal but nothing jumped out at me to celebrate.  So, I wanted to not only celebrate the ending of softball but little things that add to our softball season of life.  

Thank you Ruth for encouraging us to stop and celebrate things in our lives.


  1. Love the way you wound up the softball season and traveled through the ins and outs of having this activity in the forefront. It's time to rest and find that focus in a new place for the next few months, before it starts up again.

  2. Softball season since March-that's a long stretch, Mandy. It sounds like you are a good softball Mom. You found all the positives to celebrate. Now, I wonder what your next Mom duty will be-perhaps rest in the sun and relax without carpool duties for at least a couple of days...

  3. It sounds like you've had a good time watching and waiting, just enjoying being there. Love hearing about that player changing to umpire for the younger ones, too.

  4. Amazing that softball season is needed to make you sit. Glad for all the benefits of the season for you and for your girls. Now you have some extra time to pursue other fun before school starts.

  5. Softball sounds fun, but exhausting. Sticking with something win or lose is a good lesson. Especially important when a team is involved.

  6. Your post could be a poem about softball season. It places me right there in the bleachers, you with your knitting, me with crochet. One of my girls played softball for only one season. It didn't stick, but other sports did and being on the sidelines offering your support and listening to the gripes and losses resonated with me.