Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Uncomfortable {Slice of Life}

I was feeling uncomfortable.  I didn't feel confident.  I was trying but I wasn't sure if I was doing it right.  I watched the instructor.  I tried to follow along.  I started telling myself, I can't statements.  I realized I had to stop that right away and decided to adjust what I was trying.  I focused on my feet and let my arms sometimes join in.  The pace was fast and I wondered why there wasn't more modeling before sending me off to do this on my own but then I realized I wasn't sent off on my own...I "volunteered" to come nobody sent me off.  I also wondered why the routine didn't start small and built on parts to help me remember what to do.  I finally made peace with all of this thinking and thought about all the things I ask of my students in a day.

Being a student in a dance fusion class at my local YMCA made me realize my own students need to feel comfortable to build confidence and a willingness to try.  They need to be able to self adjust a bit for success and work at their own pace a bit.  They show up each day and that's the first step for learning and being a community member.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. That moment when you realized you had *chosen* this disconcerting pursuit is priceless. I learned from the connections you drew.

  2. I agree with Brian that moment of I choose to be here is great and so important. I think about that with students who would say I have not chosen this. How do we work on that motivation piece while we teach?

  3. Your slice showed a full circle in which how you feel about this particular situation is exactly how you're students could feel as well. The everyday moments we live through tend to teach us something valuable for our students.

  4. How often do we find ourselves in this situation? Not nearly as often as our students find themselves in an uncomfortable "I can't" state of mind. Good reminder. Hope we will finally meet up at NCTE. :-)