Wednesday, December 6, 2017

We Dig Worms!

I kept rereading WE DIG WORMS! by Kevin McCloskey because it's a delightful blend of genres and format.  It's an informational piece about worms with a narrative twist when a young boy and girl enter the storyline with questions they find answers.  Then at one point, I'm convinced it is fantasy because a bird is talking to a worm.  The format appears to be a beginning graphic novel.  Instead of multiple frames on a page, each page could be a frame for a comic.  All this thinking just about the genre and format was quite fascinating to me.

I love that informational books have become more playful.  I burst out laughing on page two.  See if you do too, "There are many different worms.  Tree Worms.  Sea Worms.  River Worms.  (turn the page)  Gummy Worms."  Another favorite part of this book was the two page spread mapping the outside and inside of a worm.  Did you know worm eggs become cocoons?  Another feature of this book I found very enjoyable was the realistic simple questions one might ask about worms.  "Why do you come out after the rain?"

Interesting fact about this book found in the author blurb; the illustrations were painted on recycled grocery bags.  


  1. That's a book I will look for. I have Yucky Worms by Vivian French, so this could be a nice companion.

  2. Love this share....we read Worms as our introduction to nonfiction. It was a fun topic because we thought we knew everything and then learned several new facts. I am excited to check this book out and pair it next year.