Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Johnny Boo {Exploring Graphic Novels}

On Sunday, I celebrated Being Our of My Reading Comfort Zone with Ruth Ayers and community.  It's been about ten years since Baby Mouse and Lunch Lady entered my life.  I've been teaching younger grades recently and thought I would share books I'm exploring to learn more about graphic novels myself.  I'm also not going to google - What is a graphic novel?, until next weekend.  I want to explore, learn on my own and share my learning here.

Johnny Boo The Best Little Ghost in the World! by James Kochalka is a fun story about two ghost friends and an ice cream monster.  As you might imagine an ice cream monster is a fun loving character and not that scary at all.  Squiggle and Johnny Boo start the book with a game of chase.  Their friendship has dialogue I'm sure our students can encounter on the playground.  Language around super powers, cheating, and sorries.  They decide to get ice cream and have strong feelings that the ice cream monster is mean.  I don't think anyone who likes ice cream can be mean.  It's a cute ending about becoming friends and solving worries.

I learned graphic novels can have chapters.  This book is illustrated in just five colors and I like that color scheme.  It seemed less busy than others in my stack and let me focus not he words; in and out of speech bubbles.  This is obviously in the genre of fantasy which made me think about graphic novels being a format; not a genre.  I just discovered there are several stories with Johnny Boo for my readers who love series books.

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