Monday, January 15, 2018

Morning Mystery {Exploring Graphic Novels}

Yesterday I celebrated Being Our of My Reading Comfort Zone with Ruth Ayers and community.  It's been about ten years since Baby Mouse and Lunch Lady entered my life.  I've been teaching younger grades recently and thought I would share books I'm exploring to learn more about graphic novels myself.  I'm also not going to google - What is a graphic novel?, until next weekend.  I want to explore and learn on my own.

Morning Mystery by Christianne C Jones and illustrated by Remy Simard is part of a series, My 1st Graphic Novel.  I fell in love with this book before I even read it because after the title page there is guidance for the reader, How to Read a Graphic Novel.  Perfect even for me, an adult reader.  

Brynn is too tired to get up in the morning and has a rough start.  There is water in her slippers.  The toothpaste went everywhere; creating a mess.  After pouring her milk at breakfast she noticed it was green!  She looks around the kitchen for clues and finds answers when her mom turns the calendar for the month.  I think readers will really enjoy finding out who is behind her unusual morning start.  

I learned graphic novels can be realistic fiction.  The layout can be easy for readers with just one - three text boxes to navigate per page.  With the help from the How to Read a Graphic Novel I carefully read each box of text and illustrations in order to increase my comprehension and joy.  I also think this book would make a great guided reading group because the story line is easy to follow and relatable for students.

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