Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nonfiction Poetry is My #nf10for10 for 2018!

The idea of nonfiction information in a poetic form that keeps showing up in my shopping cart or library stacks.  I think it's intriguing to see how factual information is shared through poetry.  Sometimes the information is observational and sometimes it's filled with scientific vocabulary in small bursts that makes the reader stop and think.  Creating room to ponder and wonder more.  Thank you for joining us today by sharing or reading posts related to nonfiction literature.  

Earth Verse Haiku from the Ground Up
author Sally M Walker
illustrator William Grill

I feel blessed to have this preview copy and shared a lot about it yesterday in detail for Poetry Friday.

What in the Wild?  Mysteries of Nature Concealed...and Revealed
author David M Schwartz and Yael Schy
photographs by Dwight Kuhn

poems written as clues
three page spread with the middle being a full page photo confirms your guess
traditional nonfiction text on the third page

lizards, frogs, and polliwogs
author Douglas Florian
paintings by Douglas Florian

poems that describe physical characteristics
tells about actions and movements
fun with word layout

I'm going to sneak in some more by Douglas Florian.  He was my first nonfiction poet years and I always found his books a way to connect animal lovers and boys to poetry.

Now You See Them Now You Don't Poems About Creatures that Hide
Author David Harrison
Illustrated by Giles Laroche

poems about animals that hide
you have to find them in illustrations
how they can be hidden shared via poetry

comets, stars, the moon, and mars
Author Douglas Florian
paintings by Douglas Florian

the art in this text is beautiful
lots of factual information 
planet features beautifully shared

Woodpecker Wham!
Author April Pulley Sayre
Illustrations Steve Jenkins

various woodpeckers are illustrated
all the poems teach about woodpeckers
poems are short, good for early readers

A Place to Start a Family Poems About Creatures That Build
Author David L Harrison
Illustrated by Giles Laroche

love the collage illustrations
learn about the importance of nest building
why nests are built



  1. Wonderful list, Mandy. I just shared David Harrison's book yesterday on Poetry Friday, love both his books and Douglas Florian's too. They show students so well how to include the "real" in poetry! What In The Wild? is one new to me!

  2. I too am taken with nonfiction poetry. Jane Yolen has several poetry books with her son as the photographer. Love Douglas Florian's books too. Did you know David Harrison lives in my town? Joyce Sidman is also one of my go-to poets for nonfiction. Great collection!

  3. Love, love, love your theme for this text set! What in the Wild and Where in the Wild are two of our favorite books

  4. I adore nonfiction poetry! I also included Earth Verse on my list! I don't know all of these Douglas Florian titles - am now inspired to go exploring!

  5. Love this theme. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nonfiction poetry is my favorite genre to both right and to read. I haven't seen Earth Verse yet--I love Sally Walker's straight nonfiction, so I can't wait to see her poetry!

  7. Don Graves always said that there is a fine line between poetry and science. These books prove that that is true. I love, love, love anything by Doug Florian. I've seen EARTH VERSE and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY on several blogs this month. Think I'm going to have to track them down!

  8. Great list. I just got a copy of Earth Verse this week and love it!

  9. We can never have enough poetry! Thanks for sharing this awesome list!

  10. This is a great list! Thanks so much for sharing.