Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hosting Teenage Girls {17 of 31 SOLSC}

Friends gather
Laughter is joyful

Friends eat together
Laughter is noisy

Friends sing
Laughter is hopeful

Friends tell stories
Laughter is healing

Friends support
Laughter is love

Tonight I'm grateful for seven freshman girls spending time at my house.  I will make spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and angel food cake with strawberries any time for this group of girls.  It's important to help kids navigate growing up and life.  It gets tricky.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for not only bringing together a community of writers but inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life.


  1. What a feast you are putting for these young ladies. Yes, it is important to nurture young people and enjoy their laughter.


  2. How wonderful of you to be the host. It must be nice that they feel comfortable being in your house. It is evident in your poem.

  3. I feel like I'm right there with you hearing that laughter. Enjoy every minute. xo

  4. Yes- laughter is all those things! Lucky them that they have a place to gather and laugh.

  5. Enjoy the time together. Some of my best remembrances involve my children's friends camping out at my house.

  6. Love this poem -- it simplicity reflects the depth in an important way. Laughter repeats and grows in how it supports in a friendship. It is so true - when you can laugh, really laugh, with someone you know you are friends! Lovely.