Sunday, March 18, 2018

Warning: Don't Skip the Humane Society Trip {18 of 31 SOLSC}

She bounded up the stairs and opened the bathroom door a smidge; "Dad and I are going to the Humane Society to look at dogs."  I was in the middle of a shower and said, "okay - have fun."  

I run to Target and my phone rings.  "Mom, you have to look at the pictures....and she rambles."  I start shaking my head.  Two weeks ago we went for a visit and she found one I just didn't like.  Overall I felt that trip was a bit like the three bears story; too small, too big, and maybe just right but not really.  I looked at the picture and she had joy on her face and the puppy looking right into her eyes.  It was a breed I didn't recognize and I thought a bit small.  I'm thinking I want more fluff in my next dog (aka longer hair).  

Suddenly, my phone starts rapidly vibrating with text message notifications.

Her name is Savanna - attached to a new picture, a new dog.

She just got here today an older lady dropped her off she couldn't handle her bc of how old she was getting she's 7/8 months and dad is filling out an application bc we wanna get her first

My reply - ummm, what????????


My reply - just joking?

not at all
picture of dad with the application clipboard comes next
she's a black lab

Prequel - We lost one of our dogs at Thanksgiving due to a year of heart failure and lots of medications.  I've been thinking maybe this summer we'd get another dog with her middle sister going to college and our dog Cooper is 11 years old.  We are all home in the summer - that makes sense.  

Sometimes things have a purpose and a reason we don't see, stay tuned there might be more slicing potential here.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for not only bringing together a community of writers but inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life.


  1. Mandy, I love labs. We had a black lab years ago. She was the best dog for our kids. She was fun and loving --- not the brightest bulb in the box (I say that with such love), but what a joy. Our lab was full of energy and that took some getting used to for sure. I can't wait to hear what happened next.

  2. Getting a new dog is such a commitment. I agree you should have gone with them, but then that heightens the fall-in-love feature. Good luck! I want to hear how this story unfolds...

  3. This is awesome. :-) We lost our cat a month ago, and every day my kids are alternating between begging for another cat, or a puppy to keep our dog company. They always want to go to the shelter "just to look." But it's getting to be a little much!

  4. Mandy, enjoy the lab. I am sure this dog will be a welcome addition to your family.

  5. The humane society is the best place to find a pet. I'm sure you'll grow to love Savannah. That you're a dog person shines through this post.

  6. That's so exciting! And oh, the potential for future slicing :)

  7. Henry, our Pit-Lab mix, was a rescue shelter dog and we've never had a better one ... Labs are so, so smart. You'll probably be the one she loves most. That's the way it goes.

  8. That's what you get with you skip the trip to the Humane Society. LOL! My son has a black lab and that dog is the sweetest, most loyal dog ever. Just be prepared for lots of black hair everywhere. Yes, there might just be a purpose for this new girl in your life. Definitely there will be lots of slicing material. How's Cooper going to react?

  9. I had to go back a day and read about what happens when you skip the Humane Society trip! It does sound like a good time to get another dog, and your daughter's enthusiasm and excitement fairly leaps off the screen! I look forward to reading the results of this new adventure!