Sunday, March 4, 2018

It's Sundae! {4 of 31 SOLSC}

I'm buzzing through the grocery store this morning and I'm passing the frozen section.  I grab an apple juice and two orange juice concentrates without added sugar.  I cross the intersection to the ice cream section and attempt to walk backwards.  Okay, I didn't literally walk backwards but I did some self talk and thought - 

back it up Mandy 
you don't need this
you got some last weekend for movie night

I wrestled some more with my self talk and decided my mini sundaes probably have another week of goodness as we approach spring.  There's something about sunshine and ice cream that go together in my world.  It makes me stop and embrace them both.  I find it relaxing and a moment to slow down.   These two weeks I'm embracing Edy's vanilla ice cream with Hershey's cold chocolate sauce and peanuts on top.  I really prefer Spanish peanuts if you can find them.  Sometimes I add slices of banana to the bottom.  I never add whip cream but you could.  I just ate one before this post in a small bowl for portion control.  Then I realized it was Sundae on Sunday!  Maybe I'll make Sundae on Sunday a summer project and we'll make a different one each week for dessert.  I just took a giant leap there skipping the spring we are trying to embrace early and lept to summer.  Maybe I better slow down and take each day at a time.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for not only bringing together a community of writers but inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life.


  1. Mandy, I love this (even though I'm not an ice cream lover). There's something so fun about your small bowl for portion control and making plans for summer sundaes that makes me smile. And I love your words about TWT "inviting us to push the pencil daily and nudge our writerly life." Happy Sundae evening!

  2. I love Sundays. And your post could make me want to make mini sundaes. Ice cream is so satisfying and so easy to "decorate." :-)

  3. Yum! I'm all for sundaes on Sunday. :-) Your description of what you include in it makes me want to go buy ingredients. I particularly love the line about skipping over spring and leaping to summer. That's such a true thing that we all do.

  4. Now you've got me wishing for some vanilla ice cream to make a sundae. I had to laugh at how quickly you jumped into summer plans. I bet your daughters would be happy to have a Sunday Sundae.

  5. "Sundae on Sunday" sounds like a great tradition to me! I'm glad you didn't deny the ice cream. ;)