Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On a Walk... {Slice of Life}

Things she chases or possibly would hunt

mallard ducks
house sparrows

any bird

Things she gravitates towards 


Things I am doing

arm strengthening each walk
heighten awareness to my surroundings
learning - walking in the dark is easier!

We rescued an older puppy at the end of March.  She's been with us five weeks and brings us great joy and some challenges.  Each walk can be an adventure and really easy if no one else is out in the neighborhood.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community.


  1. I love this description of your puppy! I miss those days. am at the other end of the age spectrum with my dog. She can spend a long time sniffing an individual blade of grass, and then the text one and the next one.

  2. Your pup is precious! Look how happy she looks!
    Look how BIG she looks! She'll definitely provide you with lots of arm strengthening in the months ahead!

  3. She looks a lot like my Finnegan! :-) He's 2 now... and still great joy and challenges. :) Love the noticings about the walk. Funny, walking Finnegan in the dark is a no go.... he refuses to go! I think he's scared of the dark. :)

  4. Congratulations! She is super cute!!!! I have an eleven-year-old lab mix that I have had since she was eight weeks old. She's a great dog and a much loved family member. However, her leash skills, even after several rounds of obedience school, leave much to be desired! I hope your puppy will get better!

  5. Sounds like she has the attention span of a gnat. :-) It's a whole new learning curve of walking etiquette for all involved. She is beautiful!