Sunday, June 17, 2018

Seasons and Summer {Celebrate This Week}

This week I'm celebrating "summer - a time to do things in a different way."  This definition of summer is not my own.  It was in a podcast by Nancy Jane Smith at Happiness Hacks last month and stuck with me.  There are seasons in life.  I wanted to ease into doing summer differently and my family thought differently.  So, 36 hours after school ended we were on vacation doing life differently.  I started thinking about blogging and decided to rest a bit more.  A few months ago I had to take a break, put things on hold, re-prioritze and I hoped there will be a time and place to return.  It's here!  This space is where I write and go public.  This space is where I join communities and hope for feedback to grow as a writer.  This space is low-stakes writing; no editor, no money attached, no deadlines.  I've missed this space that has become a spot to make friends and keep connecting with others who also give writing a try.  Thank you for your support during my different seasons.

Thank you Ruth at Ruth Ayers Writes for encouraging us to find daily celebrations in our lives.


  1. Mandy, I love the definition of summer that you shared. Those vacations that come just as school ends can be brutal. I'm amazed that you're finding time to blog too. Welcome back, we've missed you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and I'm so glad someone else understands those right away vacations can be brutal in prep!

  2. I love the idea of blogging, sharing your words with us, being considered a "happiness hack." It is the kind of hack that provides happiness to writer and reader alike. I am so happy you shared your words here today.

  3. Blog waits for the words to be ready to publish. The celebrate community is here to read whenever you show up. You wrote beautifully about the space that lets you write without pressure.

  4. This is a smart definition of summer. I think that you made a wise observation - blogs are spaces of low-stakes writing where you can work on growing!