Sunday, June 17, 2018

Seasons, Instagram, and Hope

There are seasons in life.  Sometimes you have to take a break, put things on hold, reprioritze and hope there will be a time and place to return with things that we do.  I just finished a season where I had to put this space on pause.  This space has been a wonderful chance for me to share things I enjoy; books, my own learning related to teaching and sometimes things I try.  It's also a space where I've connected with others and began friendships.  I'm happy to share the seasons have changed and I'll be sharing again.  I appreciate and hope you'll keep stopping by to learn along with me and join the conversation.  I enjoy a little help from my friends.

As I thought about returning to this space and the different functions of social media, I'm excited to share I've launched an Enjoy Embrace Learning Instagram account.  I often find I want to share images from my room without a lot of text.  I love Twitter but feel the purpose here for me is to connect with others about professional connect I'm sharing or reaching out to others for guidance.  With Instagram, I can collect ideas to revisit and share with you at the same time.  For example, I shared images for how I'm changing my Back to School Ice Cream Social which is really come see your room and new teacher.  If I forget my thinking today in June, I know I can scan my Instagram for help.  

You'll notice there's a new feature on the right here where you can see a small collection of my Instagram images and with just a click you can see the text for further information and images.  My One Little Word this year is hope.  I hope you'll follow my journey again and thank you for understanding seasons need to happen.

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