Friday, July 6, 2018

Starting a Poetry Friday journey

I purchased Poems are Teachers How Studying Poetry Strengthen Writing in All Genres by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater at the start of the summer.  When I was looking at the table of contents I thought I could not rush through this book but meander weekly and try these ideas out myself and share my journey via Poetry Friday.  Each week I will let you know the technique of the week I've played with and a thought or two about the process on my site for dabbling with writing.  You can easily find this space in the tabs across the top of this site.

This week was Jot from a Photograph and I really enjoyed reading guidance words from my friend Mary Lee Hahn and using her writing as a mentor.  I love to take pictures and Mary Lee writes, "My photos are my visual writer's notebooks."  This might just change how I view my photos.

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