Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bear's Book by Claire Freedman

Finding writing ideas can be tricky and I love that Bear in Bear's Book by Claire Freedman wants to write because his favorite big book of stories is so well read and loved it's falling apart.  He needs more stories and is empowered to write his own.  He sits down expecting to write a story with "exciting beginnings, dramatic middles,  and happy-ever-after endings."  I bet you can imagine what happens next...his paper sits blank.  He begins a journey seeking out ways to help good ideas come to him.  His path crosses with several friends and he begins to help them out along the way.  When he returns to his blank page he sits for a bit and then realizes he could use his adventures to start his story.  I expected his story to be a personal narrative and was surprised when it was an adventure with surprises and a touch of truth.  I think this will help students striving to find an idea and learning how to twist reality for a bit of an adventure they can read and enjoy.

Thank you Candlewick Press for the advanced reader copy to share with students wand friends.

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