Monday, December 16, 2019

Sweep by Louise Greig {Mental Wellness}

I love how Sweep by Louise Greig begins with identifying two groups of moods; good and bad.  Ed the main character is in a bad mood and when he's in a bad mood we learn he isn't nice.  The next page describes a bad mood in such intriguing ways; tiny whirlwinds or a raging storm.  His mood starts small and grew - gathering speed.  He knew it had gone too far and he didn't know how to stop it.  His mood keeps brewing and hovers over the whole town with a looming darkness.  A new wind brings change  - moving things and shifting things for Ed.  A kite comes to Ed and makes him look pall while connecting with others over kite flying.  The end of this book acknowledges the bad mood might return and he thinks through the what if. 

This book addresses our emotion mind and I love how Ed is mindful of his current emotion, in the moment.  I feel like Ed does take time to understand his emotional experience.  Illustrator Julia Sarda uses a fall day - leaves and more leaves piling up; showing Ed's bad mood just brewing bigger and bigger.  Then it a wind from a different direction and it feels like opposite action.  

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