Wednesday, January 1, 2020

One Little Word 2020

I spent today getting to know my one little word and solidifying my thinking for 2020.  Habit is a noun and helped me think about it's definition.  I collected these tidbits to help me think about it's definition; an acquired behavior, a customary practice or use, particular practice custom or usage, and a regular disposition - leaning  towards mindset thinking.

I then clicked over to and enjoyed finding synonyms to frame my initial thinking.  There were some obvious words; pattern, routine, and way.  I enjoyed discovering quirk, groove, thing, and style.  

As I thought about the definition and synonyms I made a list of the invitations the word habit is going to offer me.  I found I didn't want my list to be specific actions.  I've done this before and had the feelings of less when I can't keep up to over zealous goals.  I think habit will offer me; wellness, variety, well rounded moments and feelings, wholeness, and connected.  Not only connections with others - connected with myself.

I've enjoyed revisiting Ali Edwards course for One Little Word and collecting my thoughts in a scrapbooking fashion - documenting fashion.  

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