Friday, January 3, 2020

Jot from a Photograph {Poetry Friday}

One thing I love about writing is you can begin again . I had a plan to read and try each poetry writing idea myself from Poems are Teachers by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater and did it for a few weeks when the book first came out.  Today, I'm restarting this plan and am excited to use this to help my new notebook grow.

Two things I found helpful from Amy to ponder and consider using with students.

1.  "Photos are windows through which we see into different times, cultures, and lives."
2.  "To "stay open is an important - and sometimes challenging - skill for a writer."

As I looked at my photo I gathered thoughts on a graphic organizer Amy suggested using.  I captured thoughts about what I saw, feel, think, wonder and know.  I found myself using some of these ideas and adding some new ideas as I wrote.

biking along
neighbor and kids
clumped together
watching something


pond turtle
laying eggs

legs shift
body shakes
round and white
golf ball size
gathering hole



©Mandy E Robek, 2019

Thank you to Carol at Carol's Corner for hosting Poetry Friday.


  1. Mandy, congratulations on starting again. You capture this small turtle miracle so beautifully! Poetry really does help us see more clearly!

  2. Wow! What an amazing thing to see! Thanks for sharing it with us through your poem!