Saturday, January 4, 2020

Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max {Sneak Peak}

Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max is a great new narrative fostering science interest and inquiry for young girls.  The story is a conversation between Astrid and her father.  She shares she wants to be an astronaut and he questions her about the different things she would have to do as an astronaut.  My favorite two page spread is their conversation about having to do science experiments and they are making cookies in the shape of rocket ships.  Baking is science!  Then the conversation stops and you these two characters are leaving to get Mama.  At this point, I did stop and then wonder where was her Mama.  I was surprised and didn't predict where he had been.  I want you to have the same experience.

The last two pages of the book have short space facts that are interesting, simple, and perfect nudges to explore this topic further.  Who knew a dog named Laika was the first animal to go into orbit.   Five female astronauts are highlighted with a short simple fact.  

Thank you Candlewick Press for the advance reader copy - it was enjoyed by my young neighbor girls for a couple of months and I just got it back.

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