Sunday, March 29, 2020

Checking In and practicing social distancing {29 of 31 Slice of Life}

The sun is shining and she said we could go for a walk today.  I'm driving down to campus and there's no traffic; stay at home order is in place.  I can be out because I'm checking in on a family member.  I have a bag full of groceries; random things I know she likes and things I've made this week.  Graduate school was cancelled.  She's practicing social distancing and is a social person.  She's staying at her apartment because her one day a week job at the rehabilitation hospital just increased to five days a week.  She could use the extra income and I've been wanting to see her this week to just check in and decrease my own worries.  

I pulled up to her little apartment/house in the middle of three parking lots and there she was as I came around the corner.  Sitting on the front porch with a big grin.  It's so good to see her in real life and not in FaceTime.  I pull up and say, your uber groceries have arrived.  She laughs.  I find free parking and we walk to a city park and practice social distancing.  It was a sunny afternoon with buds blooming filled with causal conversation and catching up.  We parted with an air hug, air elbow touch and an air high five.  I can't wait to hug her again!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community and offering this challenge.

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  1. You are such an amazing mom! Uber groceries made me laugh.