Monday, March 30, 2020

We found the Nowhere Road! {30 of 31 Slice of Life}

She woke up earlier than usual today and I knew we needed to get out of the house for some fresh air.  My college sophomore is done with spring break and back to learning on line.  My husband is working in the unfinished basement and we are on spring break.  It's going to be a long day and I thought an adventure early would help.  An adventure that took us outside and kept us practicing social distancing.  We saw a local author and bought a book a couple of years ago titled, Secrets of Columbus.  We grabbed the book and headed to the van.  Hand sanitizer and clorax wipes - check.

#68 here we come; the nowhere road.  We meander through the city a bit and my first attempt at finding it wasn't working out.  I went to our local Audubon park and we kept searching for a road over a highway with no cars on it.  Could it be...we park and start walking.  Yes!  We found it with a no trespassing sign on and a fence.  A small fence with a crack to the left if we step on a barrel.  The sixteen year old is just smiling with joy because we found it and of course we should trespass.  I look around and think about the warning about going with someone, in the daylight, and know there could be homeless people in the area.  We aren't the first people to trespass and I just became the coolest mom.

She easily hurdles the sneak through with her really long legs.  I make it work because I couldn't let her be on the other side of the fence.  Goodness, that's not responsible parenting.  I take pictures of her on truly a paved road with a yellow line and weeds exploding in many places.  The road actually arcs and I only agree to going two street lights up.  I won't let her go out and over the expressway below.  I'm not sure why - it obviously wasn't falling down.  I think because of the arc and knowing it was a dead end at the other side with maybe homeless people, we stayed close to the entrance.  

She giggled, and jumped for joy and just smiled.  This has been on her list for a couple of years and we never made the time.  Maybe slowing down a bit for this temporary normal is okay. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering this writing community and offering this challenge.


  1. My heart was pounding by the end - glad it had a happy ending. My kids are NOT up early -- good for you!

  2. What a fun adventure! I loved reading this line: "She giggled, and jumped for joy and just smiled." It made me smile to imagine it. She's lucky to have you!

  3. What a fun book to have and use to explore! I loved the photo on Instagram. Truly a road to nowhere.