Friday, February 5, 2021

Bedtime for Albie by Sophie Ambrose

Bedtime for Albie by Sophie Ambrose another new story about bedtime. This story takes place on the savanna with young warthog Albie who would rather play than go to bed. Albie ignores his mother's directions and takes off visiting different animals. He invited each one to play a game of sorts with him. Each one responds with, "Not now, Albie!" I can envision early emergent readers really enjoying the repetitive sentence and showing great energy while chiming in with my reading. As his journey continues he does tire and hitches a ride back to his mom from the rhino family only to find it's bath time. A warthog's bath time is quite the occasion - his friends all join him in the "gloopiest, splashiest, noisiest mud bath." 

Sophie  Ambrose used colored pencils and watercolors to illustrate her images. I just found myself wanting to reach out and touch the little lines on the warthog or the blades of grass swaying in the air. We might do some colored pencil and watercolor work very soon in my room.

A huge shoutout to Candlewick Press for sending along this Advanced Reader Copy.

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