Thursday, February 4, 2021

Wakey Birds Will They Ever Sleep? by Maddie Frost

Wakey Birds Will They Ever Sleep? written and illustrated by Maddie Frost is fun! As I began reading this story I thought a very creative writer in my classroom and how this could be a mentor text for her. The jungle is full of creatures.  Wakey Birds have a hard time sleeping. The Soothing chuggers and Go-to-Sleep Leapers help settle the Wakey Birds. The jungle settles in for the night except for one. 

As the story continues I started thinking about having little ones at home and the evenings one couldn't settle in or would get back up and the challenge of keeping everyone sleeping. In the jungle no one wants to wake Shrieking Monkey and it happens. Which leads to waking Dreaded Jungle Beast who isn't so dreaded. He has a solution. A book and begins reading about the long history of the jungle.

I really enjoyed the mixed media and digital collage images. Dark backgrounds to represent a jungle at night with bright animals and the text changes sizes and directions depending on the action within the storyline.

@_maddiefrost Twitter tag line says "author-illustrator for tiny humans and at first glance I thought so too and would argue lots of ages will enjoy this delightful tale.

A huge shoutout to Candlewick Press for sending along this Advanced Reader Copy.

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