Wednesday, February 3, 2021

So You Want to Be an OWL by Jane Porter

So You Want to Be an OWL by Jane Porter appears at first glance to be a fictional picture book and very soon I realized I was here to learn lots of interesting facts about owls. Professor Olaf shares a list of nine things an owl must be able to do; move super-stealthily and keep their ears hidden are two examples. Professor Olaf has a group of young owls in training and and the reader follows their journey.

Did you know the Elf Owl doesn't weigh more than a heaping tablespoon of sugar? Each two page spread is a lesson with an inquiry question guiding the information. Lesson One: Can You Fly? told me information about owl wings. I learned big wings help owls glide and save energy. I learned fringe on the feathers help owls muffle the sound of flight and be more silent. I learned their feathers are not waterproof and they don't like to go out in the rain.

Each two page spreads ends in what feels like a small conversation with the reader. Here's a small example; "Let's take a look at your feet. How much do you think YOU could carry with them?" It goes on a bit more asking about our toenails and do we carry things with our feet just like the owls we read about. 

I think this is a great book for students who might shy away from nonfiction books. Illustrator Maddie Frost used mixed media to invite readers Team Owl.

A huge shoutout to Candlewick Press for sending along this Advanced Reader Copy.

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