Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hear My Voice {#bookaday}

Hear My Voice - The Testimonies of Children Detained at the Southern Border of the United States complied by Warren Binford for Project Amplify opened my eyes to something I heard a smidge about and figured it was taken care of. My heart aches and I need to pay better attention to the world around me. 

As I read this book, I heard multiple voices, reread sentences to see if I was reading them accurately and paused with a heavy heart. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and offer more details to the testimonies. They are also done by 17 different illustrators which made me pause and go back to look at the illustrations with a new lens. There is wonderful background information and discussion tips to use with children.

This #bookaday was my first book club outside my classroom. I just never felt I had time for a book club and what if I didn't like the book picked. This has been a mistake. The discussion helped my heart mend, it taught me more about the book, and helped me think about sharing this text with students. The great news is you can listen in to the book club meeting at the Choice Literacy podcast this week. 

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