Saturday, June 26, 2021

Story Workshop {#bookaday}

Story Workshop New Possibilities for Young Writers by Susan Harris MacKay is filled with guidance and suggestions for helping students embrace writing more. Story workshop embraces the arts, play, and literacy. Teachers prepare materials for students to use to create stories and as they create they are rehearsing their oral language which can then be recorded in written language if they choose. This story workshop format helps students make sense of their world, their emotions, and try things without error. The play feel of story workshop creates a low risk environment where students can explore controlling things going on around them. 

Nudges I found to try within my own work

- I've always had lots of art media out for children to use and yet they are hesitant to use it on their own. I need to encourage more choice within the workshop and not just when we are all engaged with a project.

- Add loose-parts (reusable materials) to my collection.

- Create provocations - which are essentially, a good question. defined more on p77

- Revisit my teacher researcher skills where I sit, listen, and pay attention to shifts in a child's thinking or processing for a child.

- encourage illustrations to accompany the words.

Quotes that are sticking with me

"Story workshop supports teachers to create a classroom environment that welcomes, sustains, and interrogates the complexity of the relationship between words and ideas and emotions and experience so that complexity becomes expected and celebrated norm."

"We can learn to influence out own brain writing by learning to pay attention to the stories we create and the emotions we feel, by sharing them with others, and by learning to listen and connect to the stories other people tell."

"...our classrooms become the places where we can repair injustice."

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