Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Kaia and the Bees by Maribeth Boelts {#bookaday}

I picked up Kaia and the Bees by Maribeth Boelts because it talks about a little girl working through her fear of bees. I thought I'd add it to my social emotional learning collection of books. Her dad is a beekeeper while the reader learns a little bit about the important work bees do within nature the reader learns about making honey also. These decisions were made at first glance. Now, Kaia and the Bees is now more than an information book about bees for me. It's a book showing us incidental diversity. Here's an article by Lynsey Burkins explaining incidental diversity if this is a new phrase for you; Incidental Diversity. The book is about a biracial family. They are beekeepers on a rooftop. I never thought beekeeping was possible on a rooftop. 

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