Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Infamous Ratsos Camp Out by Kara LaReau {#bookaday}

The Infamous Ratsos Camp Out by Kara Lareau was a fun book to read during summer thinking about camping season. Big City Scouts are camping for the first time with some first time camping experiences; pitching a tent, making a fire, and traveling through the woods. Each activity was hard when campers tried to do them on their own.  The tent wasn't up enough. Only one fish was caught and campers got lost. 

My favorite character was Velma Diggs. She brought a calculator on the trip and often knows what the manual says about camping activities. Grandpa takes the campers camping and they call in Grandma to help save the trip. Another moment that just made me smile and Grandma had these wise words; "I'm proud of you boys for caring me....It's important to admit when you're in trouble."

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