Sunday, May 7, 2023

Catching Thoughts by Bonnie Clark {Mental Wellness}

Catching Thoughts
by Bonnie Clark offers readers a perfect description and visuals for thoughts that won't go away; they ruminate.  Ruminating is when our worries and bad thoughts go on repeat which they do for our main character in this story. 

Our main character takes a risk and looks at her bad thought and says hello. When she acknowledges her bad thought it doesn't seem so big and there's a sense of beautiful to it. She collects her thought and decides to collect more thoughts for a variety of reasons. Some are hopeful, lovely, and joyful. Illustrator Summer Macon offers readers a balloon image for a thought which makes the thought collecting cheerful.

The ending brings readers back to bad thoughts returning and a plan for when they do. 

I'm still processing how this could work in a classroom...I think for myself it would be interesting and beneficial to jot down all the thoughts I have for a window of time and see what kinds of thoughts I collect. 

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"I realized that the more positive thoughts I caught, the smaller that old, negative thought became.

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