Monday, May 8, 2023

The Boy with Big, Big, Feelings by Britney Winn Lee {Mental Wellness}

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings
by Britney Winn Lee opening page embraces feeling big emotions and how they can take over us and situations. Several examples follow helping readers understand triggers for the main character and his big emotions; a loud truck, shadows at night, and happy feelings were big too during his day. When people are able to feel emotions big they often feel the emotions of others and this boy does too. 

Sadly, the boy tries to hide and not show his emotions and this causes such worries for interacting with others. Fortunately, on the playground he notices a girl with big emotions too and reaches out to her. The two friends start to notice emotions are everywhere.

I wish I had this book a few years ago.  It really helps describe emotion dysregulation - difficulty accepting all the emotions we can feel.

My bibliotherapy moment - this book had a few

"The two became pals who shared their big hearts, not feeling they had to pretend when they needed to cry  or laugh big and loud, since feelings had helped make them friends!"

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