Thursday, May 18, 2023

Feelings by Libby Walden {Mental Wellness}

Inside my heart and in my head...Feelings by Libby Walden opens with words embracing all that feelings bring us; dwell, spark, bounce, beneath, bubble, stir and brew. Her six lines of text captures action and examples that make emotions beautiful and sometimes a lot. 

The book then names an emotion and she uses a two page spread with four lines defining and offering examples to understand the named emotion. I love the sequence she uses brave, sad, angry, happy.... 

Illustrator Richard Jones has used warm muted shades with a peek through technique. There is a cut away on the front cover and each page which highlights the main character alone for each emotion double page. On the last page readers are surprised to find other children with the main character. Another interesting illustrative move is the nature setting for throughout the page. I think it sets the a tone for accepting the various emotions naturally and spending time with them. 

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"Everyone is different, and their feelings aren't the same; and what you feel is who you are - it's something you must claim."

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