Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Niko Draws a Feeling by Bob Raczka {Mental Wellness}

Niko Draws a Feeling by Bob Raczka and illustrated by Simone Shin reminds us about the power of observation and drawing. Niko carries a sketchbook with him everywhere. As he shares his pictures with others and offers an explanation for what they are about. Often his viewers don't see what Niko shares. The illustrations show some disappointment in Nikko's face. 

Then shortly after these disappointing moments he notices a moving truck next door and meets Iris. He invites Iris over and she starts to notice his collection of drawings. She comments that one of his drawings is sad and Niko is surprised she knew.

Niko draws a picture for Iris and he's not sure what it is. Iris tells him what she sees and it is so sweet. Niko shows readers there's power in drawing and sharing our ideas. Blank paper and drawing tools can be an invitation for processing this world and our thoughts. We should all carry a notebook with us, I think.

My bibliotherapy moment - 

""Iris thought. It looks like how I feel. You know, sad because I had to move."  Suddenly, Niko felt a window opening in his brain."

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