Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Whimsy's Heavy Things by Julie Kraulis {Mental Wellness}

Whimsy's Heavy Things
 by Julie Kraulis offers readers an opportunity to shift our mindset about worries. Readers meet Whimsy on a swing in her backyard and it's not the image you might envision of a child swinging.  

Whimsy and the swing are touching the ground, her head is down, and there are four black circles/balls anchoring the earth around here.  She tries many things to get rid of her black ball heavy things; hide them, hang them, fly them, float them, and pretend they aren't there.  She becomes sad and the heavy things won't go away.  Then Whimsy realizes she might be trying to deal with too many heavy things and finds ways to make these worries smaller. 

Not only does Whimsy break up her heavy things into smaller manageable chunks, she is able to do something good with smaller pieces.  For example, she plants some heavy smaller chunks and grows a beautiful peach tree.  

The last worry helps Whimsy do something faster and feel lighter.  Whimsy offers us all some sound life advice, "Because Whimsy had discovered that heavy things are just light things in disguise."

I love the illustrations and how each page embraces Whimsy and her struggles. Very thoughtful details and color hues enhance this story.

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"She had an idea: she could break the heavy thing into smaller pieces. So she did."

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