Thursday, May 11, 2023

Why Do We Cry? by Fran Pintadera {Mental Wellness}

Why Do We Cry?
by Fran Pintadera is a book I thought might address the science behind crying. It doesn't. It beautifully address the emotional reasons we cry. Mario asks his mother this question and we get to watch their discussion unfold.

The mom describes typical emotional responses for crying; sadness and anger. Have you ever thought crying is connected to not understanding the world or the result of trying to keep everything in. I paused when I read crying helps us grow. There are so many beautiful thoughts around crying. Sadly crying is seen as a negative response or a sign of weakness.  This shines new light on something we all need to do. 

Illustrator Ana Sender has done a beautiful job matching the text and enhancing the mood with the color hues she works with.

My bibliotherapy moment - 

"We cry because pain hurts. Sometimes it's on the outside, sometimes it's on the inside, deep, deep down. Tears are the best medicine."

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