Sunday, August 2, 2009


by Florence Parry Heide caught my attention when my friend Franki reviewed it here. I was intrigued with her description of the character and the picture book format with four short stories within. I know one of the things I will miss terribly about teaching third grade is reading aloud a chapter book and the interactions a class can have together. However, after checking this book out for myself with B I think there is potential to use THE ONE AND ONLY MARIGOLD as a chapter book with kindergartners, later in the year.

It took us a bit of time to read it in one sitting because we had to have discussion along the way. As I read Marigold's New Coat I thought all kids could relate to wearing the same piece of clothing day in and day out even when it's too small. I think all kids have pieces of outfits they wear all the time at some point in their life. B made a connection and felt Marigold was Purplicious. Marigold's New Hobby begins with her sharing her hobbies by writing lists. What a great little model for our young writers. Marigold's New Dress is a great little story about friendship.

I agree with Franki, I hope there is more of Marigold to come. As I searched the Internet for more information on Florence Parry Heide the author, I discovered it was published in 2008 when she was 89 years old. That is something to celebrate.

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