Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I haven't abandoned my sharing through this blog, I just needed to take a smidge of time off. Four weeks ago I had hernia surgery and spent three weeks home recovering. I was able to blog a bit and keep afloat. While I was off, I was thinking one day about the one little word I chose for the year and I honestly couldn't remember right away. My one little word was intended to help guide my actions and thinking for 2010. It came to me with a little bit of time and now I think it might have been some foreshadowing. Nurture is my one little word for 2010 and has become quite the focus within the past month.

I've nurtured my own healing with lots of rest and limited activity. I nurtured my own personal reading while at home and that was a lot of fun. I was able to spend time differently with my girls and I loved the little things we could do together. I had to let others nurture me and felt so blessed for all the good wishes and help we received. I went back to the classroom last week and found I needed to nurture my little friends and keep nurturing myself with plenty of rest at night. I am still surprised how tired I can get but know this is part of the process. A brown box arrived yesterday in the mail, filled with new book titles to explore and I have a few bags of books waiting for us too. I'm ready to nurture my professional growth and sharing more. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned.

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  1. So glad you've taken good care of yourself, and so excited to see what's in store here :-)