Thursday, October 13, 2011

OCTM 2011 - My Presentation

Today I had the pleasure of presenting at OCTM 2011 - Prime Time in Toledo.  My presentation was Coin Identification, Values, and Other Standards, Oh My.  Grades K-2  Creative ways to learn coin identification and values through games and hands on activities that are tiered allowing differentiation.  Follow an experienced teacher's thinking through her journey helping students learn these state standards while revisiting other math standards. 

For those of you who came to my session, thank you for joining me.  I appreciated your willingness to be active participants and I hope you all walked away with one new idea or an idea you could tweak and make your own.

I had so much fun putting together my PowerPoint and thinking about years of working with children identifying coins and knowing their values.  I have a lot I could say about this topic but I really think I should just share my PowerPoint and handouts.  I wanted to have things online for my participants to help save a tree and then I decided I would like to share and thank my PLN with these ideas.

You can find my presentation Coin Identification, Values, and Other Standards, Oh My via Google docs.  I have also shared Poetry for coin identification.  In my presentation I shared activities and games.  I scanned those pages to share with you.

At my session there was a question about Children's Literature and titles I like to use.  My presentation from 2010 started with quotes for using Children's Literature.  Here is my session from last year with a list of books I enjoy using for math instruction.

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  1. Wow! I've saved your presentation on coins. So helpful! Thank you for sharing.