Saturday, March 22, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 22 of 31 Collecting Family Quotes

"Oooo, invite me to that!" is followed by some giggles and my youngest daughter sitting with me at the kitchen island.  I just announced I was going to lick the bowl from making chocolate no bake cookies and she decided to find the closest stool and grab the second spoon in the pot.  I think we need to work on her fraction work because it certainly wasn't a fair share situation.  

Posterity is an app I like to use to capture quotes from family members.  Each family member has their own notebook.  Each one actually looks like an opened notebook.  You can use a photo to personalize the cover of each one.  Each notebook has a button to let you view all quotes or add a new one.  When you add a new one, you type in the text, pick a date, and if you like, you can add a picture to the quote.  You can also share quotes with friends and family.

Here are some I've collected in the past few months.
S- Man plans.  God laughs.
N- It's going to be like Hunger Games with guacamole.
A - The brain only has 7 spots for short term memory.  He gave us 10 vocal words.
B - Ooo, invite me to that!

I love looking back at previous quotes and hope to collect more.


  1. That app sounds like something I need. I'm always laughing at something that comes out of my kids' mouths. Especially my 5-year-old. In fact, this would be a great app for teachers to collect the crazy things that our students say. Don't we all always talking about how we should write a book? Thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful! So many cute things the kids say in the car, at the grocery store.... I am getting this app.

  3. Love catching those snippets. What fun it it will be to reread these later.