Thursday, March 6, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 6 of 31 Well Worth It

We can email parents.  We can share our learning via websites.  We can write paper newsletters and send them home.  We can post learning to twitter.  We can create pinterest accounts to share information with parents.  We can make a phone call.  We have so many options to be in touch and communicate with parents and yet talking face to face always feels best.  

I've concluded meeting with two sets of families.  It was so nice to show them concrete evidence and talk about their child inside the classroom and outside the classroom.  I love hearing their insights and observations from home.  Most often it confirms the growth I am seeing in the classroom.  Sometimes it explains things about behaviors or struggles a child might be having.  

I also attended conferences tonight as a middle school parent.  I love hearing how she works at school and she's ready for high school.  I too learned things about my daughter I didn't know.  She is doing well in math but her teacher mentioned she never takes advantage of doing extra credit points by correcting her mistakes on a test.  This does seem a bit odd for any student. When I asked her why she doesn't do test corrections she replied with, "I don't believe in second chances. If I miss a problem, then I miss a problem."  I need to work on modeling or thinking about second chances with her.  Second chances can be a blessing or a gift.  Having two rounds of parent teacher conferences is like a second chance.  An opportunity to come together a second time to communicate, enjoy, and celebrate a child.  Well worth the time, energy, and effort.  


  1. I find that I actually love parent/teacher conferences. I love getting the parent take on their child and then sharing what I have learned about their child's learning. But I also try to find out why they chose our school, how they met, what their passions are and all those chit chat things. In the end, the conferences are really rewarding--but they are also completely exhausting! I spend the whole following weekend napping. I agree: well worth the time.

  2. We're having parent-teacher conferences this week, too. It's SO busy, isn't it? I think our perspective of our kids' success/performance/or whatever in school must be so different than parents who aren't teachers. Not that it's better or worse, just different! Hope your Friday is wonderful!

  3. It'd great that you had a positive experience in both roles. Your daughter's response to making mistakes is interesting. In some cases she may actually be right. It promises an interesting conversation between the two of you.