Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slice of Life - Protocols


Modeled yesterday.
Piece of writing is read first by everyone.
One group member shares responses.
Others listen.
The author responds.
Others still listening.
Next group member shares responses.
Others listen.
The author responds.
Others listen.
Repeat and continue until all group members have shared.
Looks easy enough - we can implement.

Piece of writing is read first by everyone.
One group member shares responses.
Might be interrupted.
Others listening, difficult!
Eye expressions happen.
Mouths are covered up.
Hand gestures.
Chocolate break to keep self busy.

Goal met.
Writers pushed.
Protocol tweaked.

I have the honor and pleasure to be working this week and next with the Columbus Area Writing Project on a new little adventure.  I am equally blessed to be working in a small group of local educators that has new friends and old friends for me.  I can't wait to see what this week and next brings our group.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting and fostering this writing community.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Celebrate This Week - Sitting

Today I am celebrating, sitting.  

We had a double header for softball to start our day.  It was very hot and humid.  I tried to knit but knitting wasn't the most fun as sweat was dripping and rolling everywhere.  So, I sat and cheered and watched a fun group of 12 year olds have fun.  I told myself sitting is okay and I decided if I was a dog my owners would not be happy with how much focus it takes for me to just sit.  

I realize sitting this long is easy for many people.  However, I am usually doing things while I am sitting and the amount of time I sit is very short. 

Then we were invited to a post game pool party and I thought we would be there about an hour, mingling with team parents.  We actually sat and visited, making new friends.  Sharing and listening to stories that create connections for about three hours.  It was fun to watch our youngest play with teammates.  Sitting allowed her to make connections.  

Sitting created connections for us today.
Sitting is important.

Thank you Ruth, for supporting us in finding the positive in our busy lives and using our words to celebrate.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Familiar Author, Different Story - Joy Cowley, Agapanthus Hum

I've been excited to find authors I know from a series and discover they have other titles and stories to share with readers.  Agapanthus Hum and the Eyeglasses is by Joy Cowley.  Joy Cowley has been a big part of my literacy career through the Wright Group Sunshine titles from years back or the ever popular Mrs. Wishy Washy character. 

Agapanthus Hum is a spunky girl who loves to hum and creates tunes for all the little things she does.  Her dad actually refers to her as a "whizzer and rusher."  These two words alone provide a great visual for how much movement Agapanthus is engaged in during her day.  Agapanthus Hum has one problem.  While trying handstands day after day her glasses fall off each time.  Her parents warn her, they fix them, they encourage her to give them to her mom but she keeps wearing them.  She does come up with her own solution which is quite funny!  We all need mentors and luckily for Agapanthus Hum there is an acrobat show in town and not only does she get inspiration she finds a solution for what to do with her glasses while doing handstands.

This early chapter book is filled with rich language phrases, dialogue and some supportive illustrations.  Joy Cowley doesn't disappoint the beginning reader nor treat them as a novice reader.

Here are three lines I love from this story and hope you find, if you pick this book up.

"You are just like a music box."

"Clean glasses made the garden look as sharp as a tune played on a fiddle."

"Her hum puffed out like a birthday candle, and her head went quiet."

PS - All 3 Agapanthus Hum books can be found at the link above for a penny plus shipping!  Yes, I got all three!