Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Good Rosie! A New Kate DiCamillo Book!

I was so happy for a sneak peak at Good Rosie! by Kate DiCamillo from Candlewick Press this week.    It's a graphic novel format and a great way to introduce graphic novels to younger readers.  The story is broken down into nine parts giving it a chapter book feel at times.  I like having the parts because each one is a snippet of the overall story and would allow pauses for class discussions.  I think there's just enough text in each part to also look at and study graphic novel features. 

Rosie lives with George and often feels lonely.  She sees her reflection in her food bowl and feels lonely.  She prefers chasing squirrels and George likes to look at cloud formations.  George takes Rosie to a dog park for the first time and I found her reaction to be quite surprising.  While there Rosie works through being unsure, being a hero, and learning how to make friends.  Sounds like a perfect read for the beginning of the school year or when things might seem a little bit off in a community during the year.  Rosie reminded me new situations can take time and careful thinking.

You can preorder Good Rosie! today, it's available September 4th.

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